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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a spreadsheet with what you pay for all the TAG Heuer models?

Unfortunately there are way too many model numbers to make that feasible.  It would take a full time employee to continually research and update it for current market conditions.  We are in the process of making models spreadsheet with specifications, production years and photographs but it will not include current market values.  In Jan 2016 we started including our Inspection Reports.  This document contains the purchase price for the watch in the listing.  If you have a similar watch, you can get an idea what we pay for that model from that document.  Keep in mind the condition of your watch and the current market conditions will affect its value.  Our offer may be more or less, depending on those conditions.  Please fill out the form at the Sell Your Watch page and we will be happy to give you a free estimate.

Do you buy and sell watches other that TAG Heuer?

Yes.  Absolutely.  We specialize in the resale of TAG Heuer watches but we buy and sell other brands as well.  Most of those watches will be listed on eBay or other online avenues.  We do list some on this web site in the Pre-Owned Watches (Other Brands) section.  We also take others in trade toward a watch on the website.  We like modern and vintage watches from brands like Omega, Longines, LeCoultre, Tudor, Hamilton, Etc.  Please consider us when selling your watch.

Do you service the movements of all the watches before offering them for sale?

No.  There are multiple reasons for that. 

We would not be able to buy the watches at a reasonable price, service them and then offer them for sale at the current market value without losing money.  For that reason, clean movements that are keeping good time will not be serviced.  If a watch has been recently serviced it will be specified in the listing.  Watches are typically cleaned, light finishing work may be done, batteries replaced and the main seal will be cleaned and lubricated.  This allows us to offer more for the watches we purchase and still sell them at a reasonable price.

Servicing a watch opens up the possibility of damaging parts that would not normally be exposed and are not readily available for anyone other than a TAG Heuer Service Center.  The parts for most movements are available but items like dials and hands are not.  If the watch is running perfectly and keeping good time there is no reason to open it up to the possibility of being damaged in other ways.

This reason is a more controversial subject but in our opinion, if it's not broken, don't fix it.  Older watches stop keeping good time and need service every few years.  Modern watches, that category that most TAG Heuers fit in to, do not have this issue.  They are made with better materials and better manufacturing practices.  They will run and keep good time for very long time. 

Some will say that it makes more sense to service the watch and not allow movement parts to break.  There's nothing wrong with that but servicing a watch costs almost the same if it's working correctly or not.  The individual parts of a modern movement are very inexpensive and readily available.  The major cost in servicing is the disassembly, inspection, cleaning and reassembly of the movement.  Since servicing the movement cost essentially the same as repairing a broken one, it doesn't make sense to do it until it is needed.

Do you have a retail store?

AJT Watch Company is a family run business in Raleigh, NC. We don't have a retail store at this time. It was run exclusively as an eBay business until March of 2015, when we created this web site. we still utilize eBay and other online avenues to buy and sell.

You mentioned selling on eBay. What is your username? Can I check your feedback?

I absolutely encourage you to check my eBay feedback. I (the owner) have been an eBay member since Jan 1998. I still sell on eBay and will continue to do so. My username is ajtwatchco. I've worked very hard to provide excellent customer service and my feedback reflects the hard work. My rating has always been 100%. I do everything I can to keep it that way. You can see my eBay user profile here.